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"Transforming Lives & Businesses From The Inside Out"

I’ve always had a unique gift for being able to get to the heart of the matter and guide those in my world to bring about effective change.

I’ve worked with artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporations to help them to move past limiting beliefs, old stories and behaviors that no longer serve them to bring about significant growth and lasting transformation.

My inspiration and passion is to give my clients the tools, skill, and daily practices to learn how to trust their inner voice and take decisive action to move the needle to bring more joy vibrancy and purpose into their lives and their businesses.

As Featured In

"Author and Motivational Speaker Roz Clark officiated with such grace. It could not have been more authentic, reflective, simple, beautiful and energetic. I'm still processing how much love surrounded that weekend. It was truly magical."

Joey Santos
Celebrity Chef

Click here to listen to Roz Clark's interview on the Tony Robbins Podcast

The interview with Roz starts at 19:33 use the link below to listen 



Transformational Coaching

Unlock your potential with dynamic guidance from Roz Clark, an expert performance coach.

Roz only takes on a limited number of coaching clients per year. If selected, working with Roz will allow you to establish clearly defined goals and outcomes. You will move past limiting beliefs to break through barriers to increased productivity and revenue. Roz’s clients have experienced incredible clarity and motivation that has allowed them to improve relationships, make career adjustments and changes, start new business, increasing their net worth and overall lifestyle.

Master Classes

Take your creativity to the next level and understand how to align your mission, purpose, and talent.

Roz’s Master Classes are designed to serve the individual as well as the collective organization. In the Master Class setting Roz will help you to go deeper and unlock the expression of your highest potential and that of those whom you lead and serve.
Building upon the foundational belief that we were designed by our Divine Creator to be creative, working with Roz will free you to tap into the well of creativity that lives within you, and can only be uniquely expressed through you. Roz has helped Performing Artists to enjoy careers as leads on Broadway, featured artists in headlining Las Vegas Show, booked as singers, actors, and dancers in movies, television, and on international tours. Students who’ve trained with her to become speakers have go on to work for major corporations and high-tech companies in Silicon Valley as well as launch successful on-line training programs.

Retreats and Workshops

Recharge your battery and connect with your tribe at one of our retreats, workshops, or events.

Roz Clark understands the power of WE. Still Waters Retreats and Destiny GameChangers Workshops and Conferences provide an opportunity for our Tribe to come together with like-minded people aspiring to “level up” and live their best life. Roz and her team are committed to creating a safe and supportive learning environment to foster life-long connections. In addition to your own personal growth and development, you become a part of a network of supporters, and in many cases partners to promote and utilize your business and services.

Online Teaching and Learning

Online learners can go at their own pace and enjoy long-term access to their courses.

Roz is relentless in her dedication to providing the highest quality training through Personal Development videos, online courses, and quality content. Her 12-week “Awaken Your Dreams” online course was designed to inspire and challenge those who have lost sight of their dreams and seek to reconnect with their mission, and begin to live a life full of joy, vibrancy, and purpose. Roz teaches you how to reconnect with the joy, wonder, and fearlessness of your childlike mind to break through the fear and barriers that have held you back.
Graduates have deemed the course to be a “GameChanger” and have reported they  the re-awakening experience to be “freeing and life-changing.”

"Working with Roz has been beyond transformational - both on a personal and professional level. In our time together, she helped me find something every business owner and leader needs - their voice. She helped me tailor the message behind my business and guide me to become a more effective speaker and communicator. Before working with Roz, I was a nervous wreck about speaking on stage. She helped me get over all of those nerves and inspire me to show up as my genuine and authentic self. I feel more confident and prepared for what's to come!""

Laura C.
Women's Health & Wellness Strategist

"Roz is an inspiring, refreshing, say-it-like-it-is, speaker, and leader, whose message will challenge your audience to be who they are called to be. Whether a corporate audience or faith-based, Rosalynn is relatable and relevant, in a way we all aspire to be. Roz Clark brings a one-of-a-kind blend of professionalism, stardom, positivity, joy and wisdom, to every single encounter with her. The beauty of it, is that you are left feeling like you have been with someone great; and much more, feel valued and poured into. Every time. It’s whom she is, how she connects and 'shows up'."

Mindy W.
Lay leader at New Life Church, Alamo CA and Program Leader, and Manager, Program Coaches at Decker Communications

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