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"Transforming Lives & Businesses From The Inside Out"

I’ve always had a unique gift for being able to get to the heart of the matter and
guide those in my world to bring about effective change.
I’ve worked with artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporations to help them to move past limiting beliefs, old stories and behaviors that no longer serve them to bring about significant growth and lasting transformation.
My inspiration and passion is to give my clients the tools, skill, and daily practices to learn how to trust their inner voice and take decisive action to move the needle to bring more joy vibrancy and purpose into their lives and their businesses.

Joy, Vibrancy, Purpose

 I’ve always been an ideas gal…some might call me a dreamer!

And they would be absolutely right!

I’ve always had a unique gift for being able to get to the heart of the matter and guide others in making their dreams a reality.

If you are ready to learn how to trust your inner voice and take decisive action to move the needle to bring more joy, vibrancy, and purpose into your life and business…

Wins Along the Way

I’ve always been obsessed with seeing dreams come true!
This is probably why I was drawn to the Arts and Entertainment at a very young age.

As a Career Coach and Master Teacher, I helped my clients and students to land leading roles on Broadway, network television, international tours, and headlining
Vegas Productions.

My skills and experience in the non-profit sector working directly with C-Suite corporate executives opened the door for me to coach and train at corporations and help entrepreneurs to build better businesses.


Roz Clark understands that you, like most of the GameChagers Tribe, are a leader, influencer, decision maker, and nurture who too often doesn’t take the time to nurture and replenish yourself. This is your opportunity to embrace and affirm your highest aspirations and live a life filled with passion and purpose.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

You are here because you are ready to reawaken your dreams, and live your best life now. Connect with Roz TODAY and allow her to teach you how to break through barriers and become a GameChanger!

Diversity and Inclusion

While there is a newfound interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion, I have been bringing together corporations and underserved communities for more than 3 decades.

Again it was a mixture of my passion for the arts and creating meaningful impact in underserved communities that made me a “first call” when banks needed to find a way to meet the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requirements.

Will running a full-service ad agency I created print and television ads, and most importantly, produced events in the communities that the banks were newly committed to serving.

If you are ready to take a leadership role in your organization to create lasting and meaningful change…

How We Got Here

In 2016 Roz embarked on a new artistic path, becoming an author. Her book, “Conquering Fear With Faith ~ 30 Days of Meditation & Affirmation” has touched and changed countless lives, and garnered enthusiastic reviews. The outgrowth of her book signings was Still Waters Retreats & Workshops where Roz encourages and guides participants to restore balance in their lives by “reconnecting with the sacred still small voice within”. Similarly, her Master Classes and Professional Development Workshops for artists grew and evolved into Destiny GameChangers where she now serves artists, entrepreneurs, corporations, and non-profits through coaching, conferences, workshops and online training. At the heart of her teaching, coaching, and training is the belief that each one of us is here with a unique gift and purpose that no one else can accomplish. Roz understands that her gift and call to service is to help those who may be stuck, overwhelmed, or discouraged, to reconnect with and reawaken their dreams.

Connect with Roz today if you are ready to transform your life, your business, and your relations and live with joy, vibrancy, and purpose.


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