Create Your 9 to 5 Exit Strategy

#dreams #mindsetmastery #strategy #success Jun 16, 2021

How do you go from being a burnt-out employee to build your business, escape a mundane reality, turn your ideas into action, and transition into a strong-minded CEO? 


The pivot always comes down to planning.



You have to plan for success.


Starting with your life.



Imagine how different life would be...


If you Loved Being YOU!



You could…



Finally, have REAL choices…


Work LESS, Make MORE


Have the BUSINESS and LIFESTYLE you desire…


Using your TIME the way you choose…





Sounds amazing…right?



The question is…what would you have to do to make it happen?



Here is the truth of the matter…



There is no path to success without effort.



Big things happen for those who are willing to do the small things.


Success happens as a result of the cumulative effects of doing the small effective things consistently every day.



So many people who are frustrated and unfulfilled in their current situation reach out to me to say…



I burned out. Work never stops. It's draining to work in the business all the time.  Also, I need to relax my mind to [be able to] make good decisions.


I’m trying to work on scaling my business and getting to the point where I can leave my current job. It’s really frustrating,


My friends and family don’t understand why I am not happy in what they consider a “good job.”  I hate being judged, rejected and turned away when I ask for support. They think I’m crazy and they don’t understand or appreciate my dream.



Sound familiar???


Me too…when I went into the entertainment industry when I was younger my father pleaded with me…”But Honey, you’re smart.  You could have a REAL job!”



I know what it is like to have a dream that is bigger than where you are from.



It’s why I expanded my practice to help burnt-out employees build their business, escape their current reality, turn their ideas to action, and transition into strong-minded CEOs! 


Now to be clear…


I can’t help those who aren’t willing to put in the work.


It takes effort to build a life and a business that is aligned with your purpose and your passion.



But it is the MOST REWARDING WORK anyone could ever do for themselves!


And for those who do…



The results then will be MASSIVE and life-changing.




Now is the time to choose YOU!



Don’t stay stuck on the same hamster wheel...


...abandoning your dreams of serving others…



Returning to the safe, soul-sucking job that “pays the bills” while you watch those less qualified rise in your place.



Staying in the cycle of self-sabotage, self-doubt, and confusion.



It’s been my experience that people who are ready to take a big leap forward in their business and need direction, clarity, and support…especially soul-centered creative entrepreneurs and coaches.



Because they are so passionate about their work and the desire to serve others, creatives often let their inner critic gets in the way.


This is my Tribe.



I made the choice to work the people that I feel the most aligned with.


It is my passion and my purpose to see these wounded healers and visionaries transform into their next chapter and most beautiful authentic self!


The number one key to success is…



Don’t go it alone. 



Find the right coach to help you to create your circle of support.


Find your Tribe who “get you” and are ready to celebrate you and cheer you on.



In my work, I begin with MINDSET MASTERY.



Sharing the daily practices that will allow you to center and trust your own voice again.



It takes time and effort to recognize and overcome the words of dream killers and emotional vampires.



Often those words came from people who loved us the only way that they knew how and believed that they were protecting us from failure and disappointment because they had not point of reference for greatness.



Others were frightened by our dreams because they made them feel small and ordinary.

You no longer have to carry the weight of their limited thinking.


Release the fear of what anyone else thinks of you.



It is possible to create stepping-stones out of their stumbling blocks. Changing trauma to triumph. No longer a victim but victorious!


Yours’ is a dream worth living





Your voice matters









You have the potential to be so much more impactful than you can even imagine.



Have faith and trust in your gifts and calling.


I am here to celebrate and support you.


Reach out to me and share your BIG…BOLD…BEAUTIFUL VISION!


And then let’s see how we get you there!



Think Big ~ Dream Even BIGGER!!!



One more important thing I’d like to share with you.


Remember that it’s been said…


“People who succeed aren’t smarter, luckier, or more talented than anyone else is. Successful people are just willing to do the hard work other people try to avoid”


While there is indeed a system to success there is no way to avoid putting in the work.   So many people are buying into the hype of a quick-fix mentality that isn’t real and doesn’t work.   I don’t have a hack or a shortcut to give you…and the truth is…shortcuts never build a sustainable business. 


However…if you do choose to stay connected and get proven ideas and strategies that will move the needle in your life and business you can subscribe to get notifications when my blog is published and I will send you content to keep you focused to stay on the path to financial freedom.


You will develop the clarity and confidence to take the next right step towards making your dream your reality.



The choice is yours…either way…I’m rooting for you!