How To Build Your Business In The Online Space

#action plan #destinygamechangers #growth #launch #roz clark Oct 01, 2020

The key to long term growth and success in the online space is adding value and
building relationships.

Spamming posts and “thirsty” DM’ing is a MAJOR NO!!!

Instead of coming out of the blue asking for someone to buy your product, leave
an insightful comment or simply an acknowledgment of the post.

Think of it terms of wouldn’t walk up to a stranger while they were
talking to someone else and say “I was listening to your conversation...will you
marry me?”

You need to be intentional in building your credibility in the marketplace.

I built my brand and business by adding value and consistently sharing my
expertise.  As a result, my videos currently have 275K views and shares.

Now people are reaching out to me for coaching and with offers to partner on

A good book for beginners to read is “Launch” by Jeff Walker.

I offer tons of free content and training in my private Facebook group, Roz Clark-
Destiny GameChangers.

Please visit the group and apply to join. (Be sure to mention this blog)

Wishing you much success as you learn best practices and grow your business!!!

Feel Free to reach out to me if you have specific questions about how to get
started or how to scale…I’m here to help!