Living The Dream

#2021 #action plan #best life #courage #dreams #growth #lifelessons #purpose #roz clark achieve game changer Mar 02, 2021

Recently a dear friend shared a post that she is living out a childhood dream by working on a one woman show and it reminded me how powerful dreams truly are.

This picture is from a stage show that I wrote, produced, and toured celebrating the female musical influences in my life.

I grew up watching MGM musicals and there weren’t any people who looked like me. My dream was always to sing and dance so I made it happen for myself and countless other artists.

I turned 21 in Paris performing with an elite classical choir. When my second child was born with Special Needs and my international career was sidelined I turned to help others to live their dreams.

Here’s the thing about dreams...they never die unless you let them and as long as you have a life you have the ability to revive them.

Yes, it may end up looking different but the joy and satisfaction of reconnecting with your passion and true self remains.

I’ve gone from finding a way to allow myself to dream to helping artists go on to star on Broadway, Television, and Intentional Tours to now helping my clients to live extraordinary lives with time and financial freedom.

It starts with a shift in Mindset and it is available to you.

What Dream have you left on the back burner for far too long?

Send me an email with the word MINDSET as the subject if you are ready to reawaken your dream and learn how to live an extraordinary life!