Make The Decision To Go After What You REALLY Want

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Make The Decision To Go After What You REALLY Want

Make The Decision To Go After What You REALLY Want

Here’s the TRUTH…you literally have the power to choose who you want to be and how you want to live…in this very moment and…

RECONNECT with Your Most Heartfelt Dreams

ALIGN with Your Purpose and Your Passion

ELEVATE to The Best and Highest Version of Who You Are

Don’t buy into the “there is no room at the top” mentality.


The world is waiting for you to show up and make a difference as only you can and you owe it to yourself to live the life that you’ve been longing for.


The truth is there’s plenty of room at the top…it is mid-level of mediocrity that is oversaturated. 


Most people never get there because they “think about it” but they never do anything about it.

Don’t over think it and freak yourself out.


You don’t have to create a brand-new offer or product that no one’s ever seen before.


Just make things fresh and aligned with your unique ability!


I learned how to be the best because I follow and study with the best in the world in peak performance psychology and personal development.


One of my biggest inspirations and greatest teachers is Tony Robbins.


Tony Always says…


“There’s no lack of resources, only a lack of resourcefulness.”


Make a decision to go after what you want.


If you’ve been longing to take control of your income and your time by doing something you really love, then you have to put intention into action.


If you’ve been hemming and hawing about getting started and investing in your dream, ask yourself... would you regret taking action on something that can dramatically move you forward in business and in life?


Think about your biggest goal.


Let’s say you want to get rich. 


Or you want to lose weight. 


Or you want to have the best relationship of your life.


Yes…all are admirable goals, but let me ask you this:


Have you invested in the tools, programs, or coaching to actually accomplish it?

My GameChanger™ tip For You Is This:


Stop being a sideline looky-loo and GET IN THE GAME!


Here’s how….

Step 1: Be totally honest with yourself.


You have to be honest about what you’ve been saying VS what you haven’t done.


Meaning, you gotta face the hypocrisy of saying


  • “I wanna be rich”... but not getting coaching from someone who is rich.
  • “I wanna lose weight”... but hiring a trainer and surrounding yourself with other people who work out and eat healthy.
  • “I wanna have the relationship of my dreams”... but not making date nights happen or going to couples counseling.


Step 2: Write out a specific plan of WHAT you will accomplish and WHEN


Use this simple formula:




Here are some examples: 


  • I will scale my business to $100,000 a month by December 31 at 9 pm.
  • I will lose 15 pounds by October 1 at 8 pm.
  • I will go on a weekend getaway with my significant other by June 12, at 5 pm


Step 3: Stay authentically engaged and accountable in the conversation.


Keep the goal top of mind and force yourself to think about it. 


Every. Single. Day.


Put several reminders on your phone so you have to look at it every morning and throughout the day.


Create a group text or chat with other people who have the same goal.


Put it on Post-It notes and index cards all over your house.


Step 4: Post your plan in a relevant group on Social Media. 


That way your network will hold you accountable. 


The truth is…


You already have enough skills and life experience to launch your course and meet your goals.


What you don’t have are the Mindset Mastery tactics and training to make it happen.


If you could have done it on your own you would have by now.


We all need coaching and a support network to both celebrate our success and hold us accountable to consistently working towards our dreams.

It’s time to believe in yourself and take action it’s the best decision you’ll make this year.

Stop Dreaming About…Start Being About It!

One more important thing…

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