No Guru Bashing

#2021 #dailyhabits #growth #makechange #mindset #mindsetmastery #strategiesforsuccess #success #winnerscircle Apr 07, 2021

I WILL NOT Jump On The “Bash The Gurus Train.”

To me it screams of scarcity mindset and competitive insecurity.

I can say without reservation that I am forever indebted to Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and Brendon Burchard. These amazing men had a profound impact on me during pivotal points in my life and career.

I also celebrate Lisa Nicholas, Mel Robbins, and Susie Carder, my sisters standing strong and proud kicking ass in a male-dominated field.

I bring what I’ve learned from working and training with the best to help those who I serve to transform their lives in meaningful ways.

You see, I grew up in a competitive athletic family and was taught at a very young age that to be the best you studied the best.

This is why, to this day my two favorite coaches of all times are John Thompson and Pat Riley…I am sure that is due in no small part that both coached my favorite player, Patrick Ewing.

Coach Thompson was a fiercely loyal unapologetically proud black man.

I drew from his strength in staring down the media and the NBA to protect his players when I made the transition from sports to my career as a Classical Soprano in a world where there were not many people who looked like me.

Persevere and keep going despite the odds

When the time came for me to leave a toxic and dysfunctional relationship for my personal safety and my mental well-being I also made the bold decision to expand my coaching business to entrepreneurs as well as performing artists.

The choices that I made to invest in my craft and my future despite what I was facing are what make me the right coach for that person who is finally ready to start living their best life.

I put all of my belongings in storage and embarked on a journey that would include homelessness while maintaining a hopeful and resilient determination to make it work for me and my adult son with special needs.

Mindset Mastery is what allowed me to keep going and do the daily work to be of service to you and others. You see, even during my most challenging time I KNEW that I was meant to be of service.

I’ve spent years perfecting the daily habits and strategies for success.

I’ve been blessed to study with the best and brightest minds in the Personal Development Industry and I have condensed all of that time, information, and money into a Mindset Mastery System that can help you to finally take action and start living the life that you have been longing for.

Imagine mastering the daily habits that will help you to feel more confident and focused…and…having the support that you need to encourage you to keep going on those days that you feel like quitting.

It’s your time to step into the winners’ circle!

Think Big ~ Dream Even BIGGER!!!