Your Self Care Informs Your Self Worth

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Too often we chip away at our self-worth one disempowering decision at a time…one “compromise” at a time that allows our dreams and desires to be marginalized, or worse, completely disregarded.

Our dreams get pushed back until “After…(you fill in the blank)

  • The kids get older
  • I have more time
  • I figure out what is going to happen with my job
  • I get some more money 


Here is a quick “Are You Serving Your Self-Worth” Assessment:

Do I have regularly schedule me-time daily, weekly, monthly, and annually?

This could look like:

Daily: A regular practice that includes, journaling, meditation, and a movement practice such as yoga or tai chi.

Weekly: A weekly treat or self-care practice such as therapy, massage, a date with yourself where you go to a museum, practice your golf swing, go on a hike, or to a nursery to purchase items to use gardening.

COVID Safe Alternatives: Most Psychologists are offering services online. Rather than go to a spa, create your own in-home spa treatment with candles, Epsom salts, and essential oils. Hikes and outdoor nurseries continue to be great options…remember to observe social distancing at all times.

Monthly: Monthly meetups with friends or with groups to learn a new skill or cultivate a passion, such as learning a new language, wine tasting, book clubs, voter support projects.

COVID Safe Alternatives: The good news is most of these activities can be transferred online, and while the weather is still nice, some of these activities can be done outside while maintaining a safe social distance.

Where are you on the self-care spectrum?

1 = There is absolutely no room for me in my life

10 = I am doing me and livin’ my life like it’s golden!

Share your score and comment below.

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