Some Days Are Better Than Others

#2021 #action plan #best life #dreams #lifelessons achieve mindset reset roz clark Mar 18, 2021


Some Days Are Better Than Others

Today is one of those character-building days.

I am usually the strong push through keep going no matter what Doll.

Today I am the allow yourself to cry red nose puffy eyes girl.

What I will do today is take a step back, assess why, and do what I can for my business with an extra dose of what I need for myself.

On the surface, my son having a seizure would be an obvious reason to have a good ol cry...yet I have seen him have seizures since he was 8 months old.

Usually, I can get him stabilized and go on and do what I need to do. 


Today is not that day.

More than likely it is the perfect storm of coming up on the 1 year anniversary of our sheltering in place in my home without any caregivers with him needing round the clock care...doing a kick-ass job of serving my clients and my Tribe...and the nuisance of batting clean up and having to exert energy to hold irresponsible people accountable.

Usually, I can handle it all do a yoga and meditation practice say a prayer cook an amazing meal (cooking is my love language and a stress reliever for me) and keep pushing through to what needs to be done next.


Today is not that day.

What I will do is share a teachable moment...cause that’s what I do.


First... I acknowledge that today is a lot.

I am carrying the weight and responsibility of my handsome, mischievous, nonverbal adult son with special needs on my own.

I made that choice for his safety and well-being and my own personal peace of mind and I do not regret it.


Second... I will lean into gratitude.


I am grateful that my daughter was here to help me.

She fixed me breakfast while I took care of him and all that comes with him being in a postictal state.

I am grateful for my friends and family who remind me that I am doing an amazing job.

I am grateful that I have finally learned to give myself permission to stop and take a break if I need to...and the big one...ask for help when I need it.

While it is still not safe to have someone come in... I can reach out and lean on my village when I need them.

I am especially grateful for the strong men in my circle who have stepped up as the best brothers and uncles that we could ask for.

I am grateful for my clients and my Tribe.

Every message and DM sharing both your challenges and your victories is why I continue to show up every day.

Finally...let this be a can tell your story without becoming stuck in your story.

I could easily spend every day focused on who didn’t do what and how hard things are.

Instead I am giving myself what I need this day...

A moment to feel what I’m feeling.

To take a step back to assess and regroup.

To choose gratitude without denying or diminishing the very real challenges that I face.

 Showing up fully and authentically as myself.

 Getting back up serving and being THAT DOLL to demonstrate that what I am teaching works...

 Cause I am the best example of what is possible when you...


Think Big & Dream Even BIGGER!!!