The Lesson In The Midst Of The Storm

#growth destiny game changers embrace change mindset reset roz clark the storm Sep 10, 2020

When we find ourselves in the eye of a storm be it physical, financial, spiritual, or
emotional we often become so exhausted and distracted trying to overcome the storm that we completely miss what it has come to teach us.

Stop trying to control the storm.

Instead, calm and center yourself and be open to learning the life-changing lesson
that the storm has come to teach you.

The grace to grow and evolve in the midst of turmoil is such a profound gift. Don’t
miss it railing against what is meant to be for the time being.

Embrace and celebrate who you are becoming in the process.

When you look back you will be able to see more clearly and appreciate the beauty,
and perfecting power of the force the led you to a higher version of yourself.
Drop me a line and let me know what challenges you are facing. 

Perhaps a different perspective may be helpful in your process.

Think Big ~ Dream Even BIGGER!!!

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