What Does the Life & Business of an Online Influencer & Content Creator Look Like?

#ideal life #purpose mindset my life in 2020 passion vision Oct 15, 2020
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Congratulation! There’s a new student in your course…

Yes…I wake up to emails letting me know that I made money while I was sleeping.

I grab a sip of water and start journaling and then I post my GameChanger Question
across all of my platforms. I chat online with my Tribe for a bit, and then…

I fix breakfast and give my adult son with special needs his meds.

You see, no matter what lifestyle you are blessed to live, there is always a balancing

I have been Sheltering In Place with my son with no staff or support since March due
to COVID-19.

I am beyond grateful to have Financial, Time, and Location Freedom and yet I am
very present with what families are facing in terms of educating and caring for
school-aged children or elders with medical needs.

That is the reason that I am so passionate about encouraging my Tribe to make the
move to start or scale their online business to be able to live their best lives now.

My week included…

A weekly Zoom Meeting to discuss marketing and design with a virtual team
member who has become like family. We have never met in person, yet I consider
him and his amazing tribe family.

I value him as a member of my team and I celebrate him as an amazing husband,
father, and all-around good human being.

Doing a Zoom call with a person who was new to my world.

She was persistent enough to get me to agree to hop on a 15-minute consulting call
(something that I discontinued earlier this year) which reminded me how much I
really do enjoy 1:1 engagement with my Tribe despite the limited amount of time
that I have to do so.

(Note: Be on the lookout for 1:1 consults as giveaways when I go live =)

Celebrating the people who are enrolled in my online courses stepping outside of
their comfort zones. Seeing them grow and evolve fills me with so much joy and
reminds me that I am living out my purpose.

Putting my business on hold and taking a beautiful walk in nature with my son just
because with both needed to get some fresh air and I wanted to be fully present with
him in my “mommy” role. (I’m sure if he were verbal he would check me on the
“mommy” part! LOL!!!)

And then there were the challenges…

Dealing with a contractor who came highly recommended by a trusted colleague
who has failed to deliver on everything promised has given me the opportunity to
use every skill I have for clarity, acceptance, and release.

The sheer physical toll of providing 24/7 care alone with no immediate reprieve in

And yet…I am clear…I am living my best life.

We are healthy and safe…my business is flourishing…I am teaching others how to
move past fear and self-doubt to live the best life.

Did I mention that I make money while I’m sleeping???

What does your dream life look like?

Your dreams will become your reality when you decide that you MUST create the life that you have been longing for.

Drop me a line and tell me what living your best life looks like and if there is any question that I can answer to help you to get there!

My life’s purpose and passion is to help as many people as I can to live their best life!


A life filled with Joy, Vibrancy, and Purpose!

It’s for you…let’s get after it!!!

Think Big ~ Dream Even BIGGER!!!

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