Win The Entire Day In One Hour

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Have you ever wondered how the world’s most extraordinary people seem to always be performing at peak performance levels?  How they can overcome or come back from what for most people would be insurmountable challenges?


Well I can tell you that there is a proven system for success that has much more to do with mindset and daily practices than talent or opportunity.


When you start your day mapping out not only what you want to accomplish but also allowing for what could go wrong and how your best self can overcome it you are now operating at a peak performance level.


My morning practice not only primes me for success, it is also a “dress rehearsal” for how I intend to show up throughout my day.


Here is a simple 20/20/20 formula to create an hour of power first thing every day that will transform your life.


👉 20 Minutes of gratitude, journaling, and mindfully mapping out the day

👉 20 Minutes of Movement

👉 20 Minutes of feeding your mind and spirit


What does that actually look like?


Every morning as soon as I am aware that I am conscious and awake I give thanks…first for being alive and then for all of the possibilities that the day holds, and finally for whatever else comes up for me.


I then grab the pen and journal that is always next to my bed and start writing.  Every day starts with a sip of lemon water and me journaling 3 pages.


I then look at my daily planner and mentally walk through every meeting, call, and interaction that I am scheduled to have.  I summon up the best feelings and outcomes that I want each encounter to have.


I also consider what challenges I may face that day and I determine how the best and highest version of myself would deal with it.


I then do a yoga practice to get moving physically and energetically.



After yoga, I pray and then I either read or listen to a podcast or video that is aligned with what I want to learn or who I want to be.


Just one hour a day can set you up for massive success and totally transform your life. 


An extraordinary life doesn’t happen by accident.


You have to be intentional in your thoughts, actions, and what you allow yourself to be exposed to.


For a guide on how to make this level of clarity and consistency a part of your daily routine download my 21-Day Mindset Reset Workbook.


Download Mindset Reset


Drop me a line and let me know what area of your life you are ready to 10x.

I cant wait to celebrate your transformation!


Think Big ~ Dream Even BIGGER!!!